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Label boss Morttagua brings fire to the dance floor with his new EP on Timeless Moment.
Considered one of the top underground producers in Brazil in the latest years, Morttagua has been impressing in every release due to his capability of bringing always fresh and unique sounds to the table, and on this EP is no different.

Opening up the EP is ‘Noctua Albus’, a collaboration with fellow Brazilian D.E.C.A.D.A (Suara) that catches the listener’s attention right at the very few seconds. With a magnificent arpeggiated bass line, ever evolving pads and constant climax changes, Noctua Albus is a perfect blend of ‘Pryda vibes’ with powerful Techno grooves.

Aten, the second track of the EP, keeps the same rush of adrenaline from the first track pumping through our veins. Powerful kick drums and sub basses blend in a masterful manner with arpeggiated leads and atmospheric pads, turning this track into a perfect example of what a ‘Progressive Techno’ should sound like.

Release Date: April 23rd, 2018


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