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For Newman, the journey to musical rebirth has been a long one, spanning a career of over two decades in the scene. With his debut on the ‘All Day I Dream’ imprint, the New York-based producer renews his passion for creating emotive music and compelling, beautiful DJ sets—hence the name.

The release as a whole is as hypnotic as it is dancefloor friendly. ‘Breath of Souls’ and ‘The Long Journey’, rife with Middle Eastern vocal wailings and ethnic strings, sit on firm percussion and solid grooves, making them daytime anthems that easily crossover into the night for ‘All Day I Dream’s events.

The final song of the EP, ‘When The Leaves Fall‘, closes out the 3-track package in blissful style. Resonant stringed pads and scattered arpeggios drift through its composition like a warm breeze under full blue skies.

Newman’s EP marks ‘All Day I Dream’s 30th release, further implanting its definitive sound as a global phenomenon. With a warm welcome, Lee Burridge and ‘All Day I Dream’ brings Newman and his next release into their colorful family.

Release date: May 11th, 2018


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