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It’s still the season of longing and yearning, of nostalgia – laying rolled up on the sofa in front of your fire place and watching the freezing wind shake the branches on the trees outside. It’s the
season of deep grooves and desireful melodies. The second release on Jaw Dropping Records 2019 takes exactly this ambiance and transformed it into a four track EP – lead by no one else
than Nico Pusch. You might know him from his various releases on imprints such as Lauter Unfug or Moonbootique or from one of his DJ sets throughout Germany and beyond. Nico is the master
of deep house, tech house and everything in between. He’s a highly appreciated guest at most of these glitterful forest festivals you find during summer in East Germany and he delivers the perfect
music for especially these events.

The title of his first ever Jaw Dropping EP resembles just this very ambiance. ‘Zauber der Magie’ translates to ‘Charm of Magic’ and it’s title track serves what it promises. ‘Zauber der Magie’ is abeautifully composed melodic deep house track that let’s you close your eyes, hope for better times, and hold the person next to you close to your heart so that he or she can feel your breath
whilst being caught by the Charm of Magic.

We found three very unique remixers to work on ‘Zauber der Magie’. First off, we start with a special debut! Label boss Rachel Raw is premiering her first track on her baby label, that she has
raised over the last few months and that has already been a huge success with the first release last month. Now she decided to show off her skills – she teamed up with buddy Ricardo Farhat
from Brazil. Their remix is the hardest on this EP and complements the soft melodic tracks by the other artists perfectly. They made ‘Zauber der Magie’ more powerful without losing its gentle and
melodic touch.

As to the second remix duo for ‘Zauber der Magie’: David Hasert and Francesco Mami usually work separately as artists but when it comes to music production they join forces and do their own magic. And that is exactly what they did for us: magic. Their remix is a stripped down almost muffled version of Nico Pusch’s original that is the perfect addition to early morning sets and sunrise moments on the beach after a long night of dancing.

In order to not leave us in too much of a melancholic mood, Nico also prepared a groovier and happier track for this EP. ‘Love’ bursts with joy because of it’s lovely melody and its fantastic vocal samples. It is the track that should have been included at every festival last year – well, it’s going to be this year then. Probably in the same playlist as it’s remix – brought to you by Luigi Gori and Frankye Lova. You know the latter from his ‘Abfahrt’ radio shows and his release on Jaw Dropping’s sister label Jannowitz Records. Luigi Gori has been in the scene for more than 20 years with hundreds of releases. It’s a pleasure to have both of them on the imprint – with a much deeper version of Nico. Pusch’s ‘Love’. Give it a listen and remember: You are going to hear it on every dance floor – from now on till late summer!

Release Date: February 18th, 2019


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