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SVT staple Niko Schwind welcomes 2019 with a playfully moody yet light-filled release, forebodingly dubbed Prima Lux.

The chiaroscuro take on the first track sets the tone for the entire release. The contrast between the light airy pads and gloomey bassline on ‘Prima Lux’ makes for one of the artist’s most captivating compositions yet. ‘Ante Lucem’ follows in the same vein, amping up the dynamic factor by way of glitched out synth stabs and tintinnabular bits. ‘Luna Crescit’ unveils a sulky collab with Lil Magdalene, a strikingly lush arrangement accented by exotic chord instrument chops and compelling rhythm changes.

Hungarian producer Palmfood takes on remix duties for ‘Prima Lux’, switching up dynamics and infusing dramatism through tense buildups and ample breakdowns. Meanwhile, Hidden Empire offer up a relentless groove with their reshape of the track, emphasising on the alluring aspect of its murky bassline and its somber and commanding bassline.

Release Date: February 8th, 2019


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