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Icy, piercing notes guide the way through the deep, dark techno exploration that is Northern Rituals’ ‘Oblation’, released by German label OFF Recordings. The track’s jittery percussion adds to its chilling and uneasy atmosphere, firmly anchored by a bottom-heavy low end.

Northern Rituals is Lucas Koprowski, a musically-trained producer born and raised in Poland, currently based in South Florida, who was up to recently known as His Dirty Secret, releasing nu-disco records on labels like Midnight Riot, Cititrax and Masterworks. After a breakthrough gig in Miami´s underground club The Electric Pickle, Koprowski put his musical knowledge and production skills to work on several EPs, ending up with a #1 single on the Juno Disco Charts. His focus has since then shifted towards techno, adopting a densely-layered industrial and atmospheric sound that´s nonetheless brimming with light and energy.

His track ‘Oblation’ is included in the TNT#1 compilation by OFF Recordings, a German techno label run by Andre Crom that specializes in the deeper spectrum of the genre. It fits in nicely with the rest of the cuts, rounding up the EP and giving it a kind of otherworldly feel.

‘Oblation’ carries a punch that goes deep, thanks to a rock-solid rhythm and pulsating bass, driving the tune forward while setting a mysterious and hypnotic mood. In contrast, bright flourishes of notes and singing high hats provide the light that fills the cavernous spaces created by the low-end frequencies. This combination of light and dark results in an engaging, yet unsettling, track that seems to send chills down your spine. A crisp production gives the tune the necessary dimension to showcase its many layers and sounds, creating an immersive effect that perfectly complements the energy and menace of its groove.

In all, ‘Oblation’ is a well-produced, enveloping track that reaches down into the depths of techno, able to make your mind wander but also keep your feet tapping, all while busting your gut with its thundering bass.

Release Date: September 28th, 2018


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