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MTK038 presents Berlin based Canadian producer and Rhombus label co-owner Oliver Nickels with his new EP featuring title track ‘Endlessly Into The Future’ and second track ‘909 Lives’.

‘Endlessly Into The Future’, driven by a rolling baseline, is a spacious warm synth production. Pad and string layers provide the depth whilst the stabs add shape to the arrangement. The track is finished with the spoken vocal.

‘909 Lives’ is a groove based punchy track. Crisp kick and bass provide the foundation for the lead synth line to cut through and develop as the arrangement progresses. Remixing ‘Endlessly Into The Future’ we welcome back Etchar to the label as well as Techno Früstück who have joined with Modest Crow for their take on ‘909 Lives’.

Etcher has kept the same feel of the original but stripped it back to a deeper more minimalistic approach. Again with the same warmth and luscious synth pads but added drive with cutting hi-hats. Modest Crow and Techno Früstück have taken ‘909 Lives’ to a bigger room with faster feel. Use of more cutting synth leads and hi-end percussion parts provide the movement under an array of varied synth effects and hit

Release Date: March 26th, 2018


  1.  Oliver Nickels – Endlessly Into the Future
  2. Oliver Nickels – 909 Lives
  3. Oliver Nickels – Endlessly Into the Future (Etchar Remix)
  4. Oliver Nickels – 909 Lives (Modest Crow & Techno Früstück
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