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After many years in promoting, producing and Dj-ing in Croatian scene, Simulation crew has been gathered to create something that has been missing. A label, a party venue, live act and above all people that will push new energy on different levels.

The first release from Simulation Records is the very own single from Outcome and it is out together with the Brigado Crew remix. It has been inspired with a striking theme from the Yugoslavian TV show. Idea from the very beginning was to combine main theme of original track together with elements of today’s melodic techno music.

On the other side Brigado Crew delivered interesting sound based remix on both the amusement of House and the power of techno, the sound which brought Brigado Crew to some of the best labels of the time Dynamic, Suara and etc.

The Simulation imprint has already had the early support from distinctive names in underground scene: Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, Moblack, Fideles, Armen Miran, Giza Djs, Dry & Bolinger, Strinner and etc.

Release date: December 3rd, 2018


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