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‘Godless’ is the new four-track EP from the Manchester-based electronic trio, Ova. Ova create city at-night synth-pop that is characterized by a blend of atmospheric lo-fi synthesizers, rumbling bass lines and deep kicks. This ambient haze of analog synths and vintage drum machines provides an understated backdrop that allows hushed vocal melodies to weave through songs as intimate as they are otherworldly.

The first track from Godless, ‘Open Wide’, manages to capture the range of moods that Ova explore across the EP’s 15-minute running time. It begins with whispered vocals over an echo of distant synths, around which rhythmic and harmonic layers are built. From its brooding opening to its driving, anthemic chorus, ‘N4GETU’ explores the complex confliction that often accompanies nostalgia: the appreciation of a time that is no longer in reach, a feeling that resonates throughout the EP. Following the uplifting drive of the previous track, ‘KYS’ is a stripped-back journey into more ambient territory as ethereal vocals merge with deep, rich synths. Combining elements from all its previous tracks, ‘Godless’ is as apt a title track as can be found. From its drone synths to its soft vocals that clutch at feelings of evanescence, it is able to leave the listener with a feeling of unsettling completion.

Release Date: June 6th, 2018


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