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Next up on Lauter Unfug is a production from the very talented producer from Luxembourg Packo Gualandris. Packo has been turning out killer underground tunes during a long period. He counts many artists as fans who play his tunes, while this Luxembourgish lion has more than a decade’s experience of laying down essential grooves from a wide range of labels.

‘Completely Dangerous’ is his latest EP and is a ten tantalizing minutes of house music with magical melodies. They hang in the air above the drums and bring raw color and spine-tingling emotions to the slick groove. Textured chords add to the overall effect and it’s easy to see this one really make an impact in the club. The rework is more angsty and driven, upping the tempo and speeding up the arpeggios so the whole thing has urgency.
2 absolutely floor shaking remixes from Lily Pita and Betoko complete the release, making a perfect way to end the year for Lauter Unfug.

Release Date: December 24th, 2018


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