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The next EP on the label comes from good friends of ours, Pattern Drama and Jon Lee. Both originally from Seattle and friends for over 15 years, we first met Corey Baker of Pattern Drama while he was touring as part of Wildkats in 2011.

Back before Desert Hearts was ever born, we had a party in San Diego by the name of Jungle and Wildkats were one of our very first bookings. In typical amateur promoter fashion, we messed up the hotel accommodations and as a last resort, we housed Corey and his two partners at my parents house in San Diego. It’s always been about family with our crew and after this awkwardly wonderful experience we knew Corey was family after that night.

Jon Lee on the other hand came into our lives a little more recently. While playing a couple gigs in Seattle, we noticed a hilariously outspoken individual kept showing up at our parties and cracking us up. It turns out Jon was a legend in the Northwest DJ scene and mutual friends with much of our family.

We knew right away that the pairing of these two gents would be golden. After an incredible b2b set at our Desert Hearts Festival 2017, we couldn’t be more excited to welcome Pattern Drama and Jon Lee to the label. The title track ‘Let’s Get Bizzee’ is a feel-good block rocker with perfectly chopped vocals to top it off. Meanwhile the B-side ‘Dat Dance’ is an electro hip-hop tinged workout with scratches galore.

We’re proud to welcome Pattern Drama & Jon Lee to the label. House, Techno, & Love… We Are All Desert Hearts.

Release Date: February 16, 2018.


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