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Paulo Olarte takes the reins for the next Infradig Records release, and alongside his top two originals is a remix from Canadian veteran Jay Tripwire.

Paulo Olarte has been making essential dance tracks for a decade now. He does so on labels like Galaktika, Polytine and Diynamic as well as his own label Gala. His grooves are always warm and filled with narrative and the atmospheric brace he serves up here is no different.

The EP kicks off in immediately interesting fashion with Modulos’, a fathom-deep, unhurried house track with large rubber slabs of kick drum that set a fine mid tempo groove. Swirling pads give real scale and scattered hits bring a little bite that drives things forwards. Spiritual and cerebral, this is a timeless bit of deep house for the early hours.

Canadian Jay Tripwire is a well established artist with his own unique take on tech. Often taking things down a freaky late night path, he has assured credits on labels like Bass Culture and Poker Flat. His vital remix here is prickly and icy, with cosmic pads extending off to the horizon and a little more drive in the drums.

The last original is Eternal, another high class track, and this time one that journeys to the edge of the galaxy with some emotive piano keys dancing over a languid and elastic bassline that does slow acrobatics. Whispered vocals are the sensuous finishing touch that really top things off in style.

This is a fantastic EP of richly detailed and truly emotive deep house.

Release Date: October 30th, 2017

  1. Paulo Olarte – Modulos
  2. Paulo Olarte – Modulos (Jay Tripwire Remix)
  3. Paulo Olarte – Eternal
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