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Family NAME regulars Peo Watson and Mainro team up again on the 22nd NAME festival imprint release. Their collaboration has proved in the past to be brilliant, on remixes as original stuff. Here, the guys have cooked what is maybe their most techno work to this day, together as on their respective solo projects. From the rolling groove of ‘Chardon Mary’, the pair subtly reveals pressure leads and smothered voice, for a 6-minutes four to the floor trip, that evokes instantly a timeless and classic weapon.

On the remix side, rising talent Lazaros (already heard on Kompakt affiliated label KX, among other), keeps the original tension at his highest with a strong, magnetic and accurate techno interpretation.

Blac, Lille based producer and Family NAME fellow closes the package with a remix gathering deep melodic vibes and seminal Detroit house in one sweet and shiny piece.

Last but not least … Peo Watson & Mainro will perform a back-to-back Dj set at the upcoming NAME festival edition on October 5th to celebrate ‘Chardon Mary’ release properly. A logical continuation of their complementarity, from studio to the decks.


Release Date: September 24th, 2018


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