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Pheromone Blue is back to Sincopat with their exquisite mixture of acoustic and electronic music. In their second visit to the label they bring an emotive ‘Euphoria EP’ which includes also their new club set. For remix duties we present the also Mexican
talent Bufi.

The band has lately improved their approach to the club re-organizing their sound and taking it to the next level. ‘Awake’ speaks of our resistance in a society that makes things difficult for us. Society doesn’t value the human being and focuses more and more on ‘having’, ‘power’ and ‘pleasure’.

Introducing synths and piano the song became darker and more intense and adding the acoustic drums the song was ready for the dance floor. Mexican artist Bufi presents a really organic and powerful remix where he adds new and different melodies with his particular and crazy style.

Fences’ is the most emotional track of the EP. They wrote it when they got the news that the father of a friend had left to walk the mountain and he had been surprised by a big snowstorm. The waiting was desperate, that rescue did not arrive, so this song is a true prayer of optimism and hope.

Release Date: March 22nd, 2019


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