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The P=MV duo of Sceptical C and Tachini get inspired by the moment, which can be anything like a thought, dream, sound or beat. As long as it has a driving and catchy vibe, which eventually they proceed to convert into a track.

The duo have been filling dance floors in Benelux since over a decade, as both solo artists, and under their long defunct Stu Bro’s alias, landing on labels such as Gayle San Records, Naked Lunch, Elektrax, and Gobsmacked. As fate may have it, the return of the duo under the equation of momentum (P=MV) has been built on their experiences and is delivering some really retro sounding techno, complete with both rave and melodic elements. This new sound has already been attracting the attention of Dr. Motte, Gayle San, and Christian Valera, and this release on Gobsmacked will kick start a slew of new-old-school sounding releases from the duo.

All productions were made separate from each other. “We start with a concept, exchange the Ableton projects, and in the end combine the created sounds to a P=MV track. Lack of time is why we noticed that this is the best way for us to still push each other positively, to deliver sounds that stand for our joint venture, P=MV which equals Momentum”, described Sceptical C and Tachini their production style.

About Gobsmacked Records

Gobsmacked Records is a Berlin-based techno label, which only recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. The Irish brand began its journey as a club night in the south east Irish city of Waterford. Moving to Berlin in the summer of 2010 gave the label the opportunity to explore the music like it should be, in large post industrial spaces. Looking towards the future, Gobsmacked Records plans to continue its focus on releasing cutting edge high quality music by using the their creativity and resources as a platform, while also expanding the bi-weekly “Audio Affair Broadcast” radio show, produced by Diarmaid O Meara.

Release Date: May 14th, 2018


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