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Italian duo POLS return to the Frequenza stable with 2 potent new slabs of techno exquisitely ripe for festival season. ‘Arcanite’ is deep and driving, teased with haunting voices, boyant stabs and tension perfect breakdowns. ‘Prismatic Circle’ is both dramatic and infectious, underpinned by a deep bass throb, revolving dark stabs and atmospheric synth waves. Also the package the mighty Ramon Tapia slams out a high octane remix of ‘Arcanite’, loaded with a brooding bass and climatic breakdowns, and Frequenza boss Nihil Young takes on ‘Prismatic Circle’, injecting a menacing bass growl and eery synth washes that dramatically coil over a platter of innovative beats.

POLS are Italian producers Paolo Armellin and Francesco Da Re who started producing together in 2015 and are currently making some of the most lively Techno Italy has to offer. Prior to starting POLS, Francesco found success with his electro project called Vegamoore, touring the United States and releasing with Dim Mak and Paolo cut his teeth woking the local scene as a DJ. Their tracks so far including ‘Lost In Berlin’ EP, ‘Eruption’ EP and ‘The Underworld EP’, all feature a mixture of a dark, brooding basslines and melodic arpeggiated synthesizers. Seamlessly blending analog with digital, the duo have worked hard to refine their signature sound.

Release date: June 24th, 2019.


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