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Our brandnew release by Max Danberg really takes you on a journey around the roots of techno from the early days until now and mixes up vibes of ‚then‘and ‚now‘ just perfectly. The remixes by Skober and Drumcomplex both add their very personal vibe without losing the characteristics of the originals.

The stomping kick and rolling bassline are only an interlude to what awaits you in‚ ‘Tauris’, the first track of the EP. This snare really hits you in the face! The energetic drums are accompanied by a harmonic lead and a catchy synth sequence. After a break filled with tension the track finally explodes.

The remix by Skober carries on with even more stomping 909 drums. Big powerful sound pieces create a techno atmosphere before the beautiful melody from the original completes this banger of a remix.

Track number 3, ‘Stixo’, stays on this powerful path with rumbling thunderstorm-like drumming. But watch out when the acid kicks in: a 303 line and big chords make you feel like you were in the middle of a 90s techno rave.

Drumcomplex totally picks up the acid vibe with more 303 sound and 909 techno drums which really blow you away. A remix full of energy!

With dreamy dub chords, Animo marks an interesting contrast to the rest of the release.  This piece clearly carries you away with its trippy sounds, therefore it is a perfect outro for the release as it leaves the listeners looking forward to continuing his or her very own journey.

Release Date:  February 28th, 2019


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