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Serpentine Servitude explores the idea that perhaps the serpent in the garden of eden was really being humanity’s servant. Who was this creator character to dictate which fruit was ok for us to eat? Who was he or they to say that if we ate the fruit we would be tainted and forever separated from divine love? All this did was create the idea in our consciousness that we were tainted. It is of my personal belief that the idea that we are sinful is the original sin.

This God character who created beings in his own image and then dictated how they were to live their life kind of sounds like an over controlling father. Where is mother in all this?

The album starts with the track ‘Original Sin’ , which was originally titled acid . Seems somewhat appropriate since the concept of original sin seems to be a violation on humanity’s consciousness. All tracks were recorded in one take using Elektron’s “Dark Trinity” and a Korg MS-20 mini.

The mixing stage was somewhat minimal, done in Logic X with numerous Soundtoys plugins.

Much thanks goes out to Kero for giving me the opportunity to present this album to the world. Thank you for believing in me and giving me this opportunity. Much love and thanks also to my best friend, Cyril Charles, who’s been my main support since I started on this pulsewidthmod adventure.

Release Date: April 16th, 2018


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