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With nearly 95 percent of the current DJ population adopting enigmatic personas, it is now our duty to only present music by artists who have the time to present a deeply coded dance music mystery. Enter R.O.S.H., who first came to our attention via French legend Laurent Garnier (a clue?!?). All the info we were provided – a VHS copy of something called ‘The Crystal Maze’ and references to televised ritual humiliation – was merely the first layer to be peeled back before the ultimate reveal, the kind of ‘Oh, cool’ moment that keeps us all going in these uncertain times.

As any self-respecting Techno Sleuth worth their BPM magnifying glass knows, ‘You gotta follow the music’. We sat down with a team of empaths to break down the release into a series of generic descriptors we hoped would tell us something about R.O.S.H.’s identity. Here’s what they came up with:

“90s vibes”
“Just the right kind of crazy”
“Gee, this is really good”

After cross-referencing the data, we found no reason to reject the hypotheses that R.O.S.H. is “probably British” and also “an alien”. All of which is to say that things just got a lot more interesting at Twin Turbo. We’ll keep you posted.

Release date: June 28th, 2019.


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