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Lost On You are back with two thumping melodic techno cuts that, quite frankly, cut above the rest. This time around, esteemed producer duo Rafael Cerato & Haze M show their chops on a double EP that thrusts and bumps its way through fourteen minutes of cosmic ascension. And yes, as well as giving valuable exposure to young and talented producers, Lost On You are still the first and only label to give 100% of it’s proceeds to the poorer, lesser developed bits of our tiresome Earth.

Eponymous track ‘Perihelion’ runs its course on multiple shots of technoid adrenaline, morphing and coalescing into a late-night uproar with hints of 80s synth. Within this stomping backdrop, though, Cerato & Haze M approach their art with a nuance that allows for headspace and a freedom to move, culminating in a melodic techno monster that gives DJs the tools to work for the crowd in their grip. Airy, spacey and euphoric, ‘Perihelion’ is the type of track that leaves you reeling, grabbing your friend in the darkness as you both wonder ‘can music really sound this good?’ The answer is yes, and the proof is only a donation anyway.

Second track ‘Vishnu’ takes cues from Buddha bar sonic rituals with an extra dose of atmospheric finesse. Half-step sitar trills lurk amidst bubbling metallic undertones while Cerato & Haze M whisk you from club to mountain to bazaar to peak. Things are taken to a new level when the mantras emerge with that dark shamanic energy, another special moment where the artists on Lost On You redefine the parameters of the dancefloor.
The Perihelion EP will retune your ears towards the finer frequencies of the techno spectrum, and every single online purchase helps towards incredibly important aid that is too often overlooked. Things like Vitamin A supplements, farming education and crop relief are more important than fast food and iPhones, especially for people in precarious life or death situations. Do your bit and join in with Europe’s premier philanthropic label. What’s not to lose?

Release Date: September 2018


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