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Next up the Ciudad Juarez-based, Mexican label, Anathema Records delivers its eight release ‘The Ones Who Resist’ from DJ and producer Moritz Rausch aka Rauschhaus from the town Kiel, near Hamburg, Germany. As a passionate musician, he plays a variety of instruments and concentrates on different genres of music. After years of experimenting, he finally developed his unique style of music, full of trippy atmospheres, paired with melancholy and warm dreamy patterns. Releases on highly regarded labels likeSteyoyoke, Parquet Records, Einmusika or Traum Schallplatten, speak for themselves.

‘The Ones Who Resist‘ starts with a steady and well-paced bassline introducing eerie sounds that overlap with atmospheric blended arpeggios and tasteful synths, delivering a hypnotic and sophisticated track. On Remix duties, Mihnea Berechet A.K.A. Himbrecht, born on the ruins of communist Romania, delivers his deep and melodic signature to create a tasteful remix crafted with atmospheric dark synths and down tempos.

EP Closer remix is curated by a solid collab from London based music producer MockBeat (Lasha Kikvadze), and Anathema’s label boss, Fec (Paco Effe) delivering a game-changer, fashioning a darker and deeper version harmonized by organic arpeggios and melancholic synths.

Release Date: July 13th, 2018


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