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My Vision Records is a brand new label that kicks off with a fantastically warm and vibe fulled house EP from Rawley. The two top originals come with remixes by Sven Tasnadi and Monello. Rawley is a German artist based in Leipzig who is a full blooded musician. He brings plenty of well informed moods to his grooves here and also injects plenty of his own personality.

Opener ‘Worst Love’ is a driving house cut with lithe synths, choppy snares and warm blasts of bass all finished off with some deft samples. It’s a living and breathin0g track to get the party pumping. Roll Down then hits harder, with loopy, low slung bass bringing the sleaze, with slamming kicks powering you along. It’s a fresh house cut destined for big things.

‘Moon Harbour’ regular Sven Tasnadi serves up a Chicagohlis Remix that is indebted to the windy city with its raw percussive pattens and jacking drums, while a Detriotnitz Remix is all about smooth and serene chords, a futuristic sense of soul and uplifting good time house vibes.

Last of all, ‘Monello’ goes for a swinging, chord laced house cut with cosmic pads and plenty of playful vocal samples that ensure it stands out in any set.

This is a fantastic debut EP from a label that is sure to go on to big things.

Release Date: May 3rd, 2019


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