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AdMaiora is ecstatic to welcome one of the biggest artist from the world-wide electronic panorama. No one others than the living legend of Reboot is ready for his label debut. You may know him for his timeless hit ‘Caminando’ or for the several releases on labels like ‘Get Physical’, ‘Defected’, ‘Crosstown Rebels’ or ‘Cadenza’ , including collaborations and remixes from the like of Ricardo Villalobos, Robert Dietz, Guti and Luciano to name a few, but anyway Frank aka Reboot is surely a name that anyone in the industry can not know.

His debut on AdMaiora with ‘Son Of 5050’ EP consists in 3 big originals, accompanied by 3 remixes of the main track by label bosses Rini Shkembi & Gezim Vrioni, Caleb Calloway and Luca Donzelli. Entitled ‘Son of 50 50’ is a superb relentless deep house track made of solid and lean lowend base and intimate molten melodies raining own from the above at the mid point. As the gorgeous synth unfolds, it brings excitement and strangeness into the track, making of this one a hell of an opener.

Label-bosses Rini Shkembi (NONSTOP) & Gezim Vrioni (Snatch!) are back together as partners in crime delivering a rampant raw version of ‘Son Of 5050’ . Their typical fat beats are just fire material and this one features an essential groove made of rimshot, shakers and few more elements all combined with stomping kicks and a clever usage of the original’s vocals and synths, delivering a guaranteed club stomper.

AVOTRE and Saved associate Luca Donzelli remixes the track into a more groovy and percussive way with his peculiar Tuscany flavour, turning this one into a bomb. The happy vibes combined with the energetic and pumpin’ groove make you feel like running into the jungle with congas, bells and fleshin’ white noise shots. Then comes the break which is just an amazing creation to set on fire any crowd in the next hot months.

Hailing from Puerto Rico but now based in Berlin, Caleb Calloway (Desolat) is not a new member of the family as we already had his single ‘Ninety3’ into our V.A. compilation last year. His version of ‘Son Of 5050’ is characterized by bongos and fuzzling percussions as essential elements of his Latino flavour in addition to a super dope bassline and a deadly use of hi-hat above the synths and pads in the break. This one is a killer remix and will leave a lasting impression in the clubs during the summer.

Up next ‘Sally Wants a Cake’ recounts the more minimalistic old roots of Reboot, here delivering a 11 minutes anthem of the finest fusion of deep/tech house, tribal vibes and micro house elements. Some lovely plucked melodies and deep piano chords just give you pure goosebumps, while tons of sounds, elements, hiccuping drums and sensations are glued together and each of these small pieces make a significant part of this enormous and emotional puzzle that is this track.

The last original is called ‘Smorland’ and has a more heads-down approach as moving dancefloor tool. An analog bassline opens and closes his door for an up&down style while strange effects, pitched vocals and minimal percussion do the rest. The result is an acid poison of infected beats to make your brain go nuts.

Release Date: May 21th, 2018


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