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Time is passing way too fast. It is unbelievable that five years have alreadygone by since label head BOHO founded Jannowitz Records back in 2014. We look back on five years full of constant growth, of ups and downs, of good music and even better music. Five years of Jannowitz Records with releases between house and techno, with big names and local artists, with new friends and old companions – with your beloved underground sound! The fifth anniversary is a big deal for us and we have thought a lot abouthow to celebrate this milestone properly. In the process of accumulating what was supposed to be our best compilation yet, we collected tracks by true Jannowitz Records family members and fresh faces. But suddenly we were in an awkward position: Every single track we received was too good to be left out. But we didn’t want the EP to be overwhelming. That’s why we decided to split the EP up into two parts. Meaning: Double trouble.  Two opportunities to celebrate JAW’s birthday in 2019. Two opportunities to showcase the diverse sound of what the label beholds: Say hello to Alive & Death compilations!

“Alive EP” is the part of the birthday compilation that focuses on a more minimal sound than its brother Death. It’s made of six unique tracks, that were carefully selected by BOHO himself and mixed by his friends Heinrich & Heine. BOHO also contributed to this particular EP with another collaboration track. He teamed up with Mycell who just made his Jannowitz Records debut as a solo artist last month.

Their track “Chaser” will be chasing you from club to club. It’s dark, it’s minimal, it’s deep, it’s hypnotic – it’s definitely the darkest track from the Alive part of the compilations. Next up are Peppou and Martin Soilkov. Both artists are from Bulgaria and have released on Metodi Hristov’s Set About label.

Their contribution is one of the hardest of “Alive”. Their track “Sopa” is defined b a rolling baseline and true techno sound. The third collaboration track is brought to you by Dejvid Kavazovic and Do Not. Dejvid is a Berlin based DJ and producer and you will find him on lineups of clubs like Suicide Circus or legendary Watergate in Germany’s capital. You should check out his releases on Moonplay Records right after4 you listen to his stellar track “Believe” he produced together with one of Costa Rica’s finest selectors, Do Not. “Believe” is an absolute groover that fits
perfectly to the original Jannowitz sound.

Then we have three tracks by solo artists on “Alive EP”. Markus Volker is back! He worked closely with everyone’s favourite Maksim Dark on his Label and ha already debuted on Jannowitz Records last year. His track “Nova” is minimalistic and very bouncy with a lovely melodic touch to it.

Talking about bouncy: Graham Webb aka Webby from the UK likes to describe his style as “dark bouncy” – but for “Alive” he made a very straightforward and evil dance floor machine called “The Hive”. And last but not least we welcome Reza Golroo who you could now from Lenny Fontana’s imprint Karmic Power Records NYC, The Iranian producer has been played by some of the big names! We’re very happy to have signed his “Gangs of Freaks” track that rounds off this dance floor oriented Minimal and Deep Tech EP perfectly
with a strong kick and simplistic melody that sticks in your head – just how we like it!

We’re very happy with how both EPs – Alive & Death – turned out. A big up to everyone who has been following and supporting us over the past five years! It’s been amazing and we will continue to release only the best stuff that we find – in oder to keep shaping the electronic music scene in Germany, Brazil, Eastern Europe and everywhere else!

Release Date: March 11th, 2019


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