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Rony Seikaly kicks the chilly start to the year into touch with the tropically hot EP ‘Pursuit’ dropping on his Stride Records imprint.  Marking the sophomore release on the label, this two tracker embodies the Seikaly trademark sound which has sold out showcases across the globe. Everyone from clubbers to Burning Man attendees will surely have experienced a special summer moment dancing to one of these beauties.

On ‘Pursuit’, a quietly disco-tinted bassline is joined by a doodle of chiming synths like temple bells and the compelling chant of a vocal soulfully calling the faithful to dance music prayer. A couple of sly breakdowns keep you on the hook.

‘Take On’ follows, with a cool repeating vocal sample used as percussion meeting staccato bongo beats and a stealthy bass. An intriguing Latin rumba-style melody creates a powerful urge to dance.

Taking us to sunnier climes, this two-tracker provides a much-needed escape from even the coldest, dullest winter.

Rony Seikaly told us more details about his release. We invite you to know what the artist has planned for this new year.

Hey Rony, thanks for chatting with us! You’re about to release your second EP on your own label Stride records, ‘Pursuit’. We’re premiering the title track on Electronic Groove. Can you tell us a little bit about the back story for this track? Was it a tough one to put together, where did you draw inspiration from? 

Hey, thanks for having me! Usually when I go into the studio to write a track, I don’t go in with a specific plan, but sometimes I get influenced by a trip I’ve taken or other music I’ve heard. With ‘Pursuit’ I wanted to use some reggae vocals to change things up. There’s not a lot of reggae vocals used in this style of music, so I thought I’d put some in and do a housey version of a Jamaican track.. I don’t know how well it worked but that was the intention! The second track is more of an island vibe. When it comes to constructing a new track, I don’t usually set out a plan for how I’ll put it together; I can just listen to a vocal and decide I like it, then I can work the rest of the parts around that.

On a more general scale, where do you find inspiration comes from for new tracks? Do you find traveling and touring helps you with new music which you can produce on the road, or do you prefer to get your head down and have chunks of studio time? 

Anytime I come into the studio, I start out with a bassline and see if something develops from that a little more musically. I always have ideas for new music, so often just head into the studio and see what happens. I’m not searching for something to inspire me in that case – I just see what comes first, and where it takes me.

Your DJ sets are ones with a difference, as you play all your own music. Is this something that you have been doing for a long time? You must have a huge amount of music in your arsenal!

I can play sets of solely my own music for hours! Although sometimes I get tired of listening to the music I make, because by the time you’ve finished it you’ve heard it so much.

What are you looking forward to the most in 2019? Any special releases or gigs coming up that you are especially excited for?

Since launching the new label we’re going to have a few tracks released every few months on Stride. There’s a big catalogue to work from and we’ll find the next release soon. Watch this space…

Release Date: January 25th, 2019.



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