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Celebrating the return of ROWA! After his debut in January which knocked people out of their comfort zone he has now written 4 new
tracks for his upcoming Traum release which also includes remixes by Gabriel Ananda and Beatamines.

Stealing his way into our hearts with the opening track, ‘Feierabend’, ROWA has written a fantastic epic story. A lightweight paraglider of feelings that tickle our soul in a very refined and pure way. For we are quite sure it can result in a calm dance anthem for those who know how to celebrate a collective feeling.

The contemplative feeling of ‘Flamborghini’ is marked by a sensual melody that zigzags through the track expressing a great happy-sad feeling.

‘07407’ kicks off as a powerful techno track but throws in some lightweight melodies that mark a cool contrast and will put a smile on your face.

Gabriel Ananda’s remix of ‘Flamborghini’ evokes some great feelings that at times remind us of early Moby productions but then proceeds towards a stronger progression still possessing all the quality you need for an after-hours track.

Beatamines takes ‘074070’ to a place much darker and based more on the movement than creating a lead melody, keeping a fine rhythmic approach that pulls you in slowly step by step.

The last track is another ROWA original and comes in the shape of an ambient track called ‘Das Meer’ (eng. the sea).

For those of you who don’t know his track ‘Spring’ listen to this masterpiece of evolving waves of sounds that reflect on shifting movement of tones within a melody.

Release Date: April 5th, 2019


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