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SOUP NYC continues to champion the very finest in deeply rooted US house music, with their next release coming from Rustyfarian with mixes from Salvione and Manuel Shagun.

After years of intergalactic exploration, Rustyfarian has returned to earth, ready to share his vision through synthesizers and drum machines. His journey through the galaxy as half of the duo Roddy & Rusty helped shape his sound, while gravity holds him true to his NYC roots. This new solo outlet for the Good Company Records co-founder feeds his need to create new sounds and explore different dimensions in an attempt to connect all star children through rhythm and dance.

His debut solo outing on SOUP NYC is ‘How’s The Weather’: an evocative, rhythmic workout supported by sterling mixes from Salvione and Manuel Sahagun.

The title track kicks off with moody drums and echoing percussion before radiant synth stabs punctuate the heavy atmosphere.  Salvione’s remix is a bouncier, sun-kissed interpretation, all squelchy bass and retro flickers of fizzing synth.

‘Make Me Feel’ is build around a sharply bubbling acid lead which flickers around the skeletal drums, with reverberating vocals and eerie pads beautifully building the tension. Completing the package, Manuel Sahagun delivers a stunning, emotionally-charged reinterpretation, honing the acid elements of the original and adding his own delicately crafted parts for a soothing cut perfect for the early hours.

Release Date: February 23th, 2018


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