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Ryan Sullivan delivers a deeply engaging techno vibe with this new double-header, ‘Dusty’ and ‘Hole’ – two exceptional tracks that mark out Ryan and his Triplefire Music label as being leading innovators from the South African underground electronic scene.

‘Dusty’ / ‘Hole’ arrive with much excitement, especially since both tracks have been heavily featured in Ryan’s DJ sets for a while now, and coming almost a year since his last single release (‘Butterfly Kisses’ on German label Telrae – TELRAEM006). Ryan’s activity has remained highly visible in the meantime through a host of quality remixes for artists such as Chris Micali, Alfonso Muchacho, Stephen J. Kroos and Triplefire label mate Damian Yoko (check these out on Ryan’s Soundcloud).

Breaking with his usual patterns, the Cape Town-based producer unveils his minimalistic dub techno side with a deep, bass-filled rhythm on the superb ‘Dusty’. Punching drums are woven into a rhythmic, filtering noise bed, which evolves and mutates throughout the track. Echoing chords and alien sound design further enhance the mood, before an unexpected peak arrives to take it to the end. A smooth, fearless journey through the darkness, ‘Dusty’ is masterful, heads down, eyes shut, techno floor-moving journey from start to finish.

‘Hole’ follows a similar rhythmic noise path (a theme running through this project), but differs with its broken beat bass drum and complex polyrhythms, making for a dynamic and different groove throughout. Subtle and beautiful, an electric piano takes the musical lead right from the start alongside Sullivan’s own vocalizations, which echo far in the distance. Once completely enveloped, the entire piece is raised and shredded by swirling noise, leading to a chaotic sonic storm, only to return to pure and gentle beauty whilst the rhythm section expands and grows in complexity, then slowly contracts, stripping down to nothing.

Deep, warm and entrancing, ‘Dusty’ / ‘Hole’ covers a lot of creative ground in just two tracks, and certainly evokes wonderfully contrasting emotions – witness a South African music master at work.

Release Date: June 27th, 2018


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