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Singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Alexander Sjödin proves his virtuosities once more under his well known Sailor & I moniker on his fresh take on electronica, the ‘Lost in this Civilized World’ EP.

Opener ‘Coming Down’ is a quintessential piece of dreamy electronica, radiating an ethereal atmosphere largely summoned by the artist’s recognizable crooning vocals. The soulful melody and evocative synths add a touch of extra sonic magic, rounding off the instrumental.

‘Black Monday’ showcases Sjödin’s piano mastery, as a yearning melodic loop sets the stage. Filled with suspense and tension via gleaming synths, the track leads to an intense and dramatic breakdown that leaves a lasting impression.

Melancholy-driven piano is key on ‘Isolated Tears’, a pensive downtempo composition that touches on the artist’s classical side, bridging it into modern day electronica with playful glitches and subtle percussion.

Kellerkind takes on ‘Coming Down’, amping up the dance factor with an energetic, standout bassline that contorts underneath bleeps and chimes, emphasising Sailor & I’s croons.

‘Coming Down’ gets another remix treatment by Deorbiting, who serve up a spaced out, glitched version of the original with a suspenseful breakdown and energy-inducing sequences.

Release Date: January 25th, 2019.


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