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After 3 years of sharing its music for free, Mexican imprint Akumandra gears up for its very first release on vinyl. What better way to celebrate than to feature the label’s head curator, Sainte Vie with his Estación Inmortal EP. Composed of three originals, ‘Huracán’, ‘Albatross’ and ‘María’ Sainte Vie’s music is a prime summary of what it means to hear in a post-genre universe.

As trends are quickly rendered obsolete, the accumulation of culture debris is becoming more significant in relation to the producer – the ability to create a nostalgic blur through a composition of artifacts and interpretations. Paying homage to this, Estación Inmortal produces the afterglow associated with an auditory epiphany. The combination of mellow interludes, earthy chord progressions and acoustic-synthetic equilibrium have the capacity to conquer both communal space and solitude.

“This 3 track EP fills the present with memories of past experiences and emotions, that to me are inmortal. By pushing certain musical elements like reverb, resonance and pitch beyond their conventional use; I try to reconstruct those experiences and emotions, so that they may be relived again and again.” – Sainte Vie

‘Huracán’ – blends tribal instruments and ritualistic vocals over an abstract house backbone to create a wonderfully dynamic song. The track begins with a whimsical aura, as distant chimes twinkle about. Continuous guitar strumming and a low hum of a horn builds momentum and volume, creating a beautiful intro for the EP. Quick percussive drumming weaves its way through, building intense rhythm and energy. Ritualistic chanting calls out, echoing the melody of the guitar, and rhythm of the drum patterns; each layer builds upon the next carrying listeners through until the very last strum.

‘Albatross’ – thunder cracks over a steady note, creating an intriguing atmosphere. Warped vocals carefully call out, moving from the distance into the foreground. Lower piano keys provide the infectious melody line. When the percussion hits our ears, paired with the melancholic wail of piano, a new energy overcomes us and we begin to feel the groove of Albatross.

‘María’ – a collaboration with Pascale Ussel and the final track of the EP, stars a seductive vocal intercepted by retrograde lows and a melodic bass line reminiscent of the post-prog 90s bass. The gentle plucking of strings create a simple, yet infectious melody that will remain as the skeleton of this sultry track. A woman’s Spanish vocals sing out in a beautiful, haunting nature. Sounds are bound with distorted effects. Eventually our ears are tantalized by a chugging bassline that mimics a house beat. María adds a sexy, hypnotic element to this EP!

Release Date: January 29, 2018.


A1: Huracán
B1: Albatross
B2: María (feat. Pascale)

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