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Slap & Tickle has been a staple in the Miami music scene since its inception in early 2012. Resident DJ’s Pirate Stereo and Santiago Caballero are household names beyond city limits, luring in the most discerning dance music lovers. The party -which highlights deep house, indie, and electronic music- is a favorite amongst nightlife influencers, music professionals and selective partygoers. Faithful guests follow the Slap & Tickle name from venue to venue, with the brand dominating the scene on their nights.

Now, the driving forces behind some of Miami’s most acclaimed parties are excited to present Slap & Tickle Records.

Serving as a vehicle to further explore the team’s creative aspirations, the label will specialize in select releases, and will look to span an array of genres featuring artists based in the US and abroad. The essence of the imprint will ring true to the ethos of Slap & Tickle, which at its core, has always been: to bring fine music and people together.

For its first release, Slap & Tickle Records has tapped none other than its co-founder and resident: Santiago Caballero who offers up an original single titled: ‘Cuatro’.

Caballero has always had a hand in music production. Having served as a remixer on many occasions, the work brought him closer to his own productions. Still, spinning was always closest to his heart.

On ‘Cuatro’, Caballero unveils an original composition which firmly asserts his talents as a producer while
showcasing his profound sensibility as a DJ.

Clocking in at over six minutes, the original mix is ready for the floor. Tightly knit drums -which bring to mind the disco laden origins of house- smoothly make way for warm and funky basslines. In an instant, the groove filled tune takes flight. Swirling brass riffs meld into the mix and a Spanish tenor marks the count: “Uno…dos… “ A break in the arrangement allows for breath -but our faithful conductor quickly gets us back into the swing, full force. The drop draws its power through subtle, syncopated keys and the main groove reprises; bringing the tune to its peak in classic house form. Before long, tension is resolved and the track begins to recede, layer by layer. The cut’s outro beckons to be mixed and reminds us why Caballero has made his name as a selector.

Release Date: April 30th, 2018


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