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‘Flying Heart’ EP brings together prolific producers and veteran artists Savvas and Death on the Balcony, Crossings usual suspects Parallells and Vander and rising talent Joe Finch.

Savvas delivers two stellar original tracks for his debut EP on Crossings. The dreamy Flying Heart was premiered at Crossings’ Off Sonar Get Together 2018 event, during sunrise, the first of many.   Parallells built on its key components and produced an insightful remix, adding energy while retaining the beauty of the original melody. Vander and Joe Finch’s remix is brilliant – simple and elegant, all the while remarkably powerful and festive.

Dream on Clouds is equally wonderful – a mesmerising summer track with ever evolving pads and a soothing melody. Last but not least, Death On The Balcony created yet another astonishing piece, a perfect combination of groove and melody, with a finely crafted loopy structure in which no one part dominates.


Crossings is a London based boutique electronic music label and a platform for artists and local heroes from around the globe and their respective communities to interact and grow.

Release Date: March, 2019


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