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We’re happy to welcome on board Silence Of Being; the Italian trio was born in 2015 as an electronic/ambient band, where its three members – David, Andrew and Flavius – could merge and mix their musical identities and experiences. Nonetheless, the project started in a kitchen, a perfect place to experiment with new recipes and ideas. Silence Of Being’s vision can’t be described easily then; their music ranges from classic chill out vibes to dreamier pop atmospheres, escaping conventional rules and expectations. Their new release ‘Gravity’, which features two original tracks, is a great example of their talent.

Bolina revolves around a strong and minimalistic beat, surrounded by sampled voices and tiny percussive grooves. As soon as some distant guitars jump in the track, the atmosphere becomes deeper and melancholic, catching the listener by surprise and taking him back into the obscure rhythm of the first section.

The title track ‘Gravity’ is enigmatic and fascinating: in this case many layers of finger-picked and faded guitars create a continuous flow of sounds which seems to come from the land of dreams. Sudden peaks of suspense alternate with subtle drops that gravitate around a trippy rhythm.

The Nereau series will be definitely enriched by this beautiful work – miss it at your peril…

Artwork design by: Paper Paper Studio & 6K

Release info: May 3rd, 2019.



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