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Kick-starting 2019 with a stellar performance at London’s iconic EGG, followed by a special guest appearance for London’s latest running Friday night party WRONG, SOKO heads back to the studio to deliver his first offering for The Yellow Heads and their illustrious Reload Black Label, with ‘Final Wall’.

The two-track EP opens with ‘Dimensional Fighter’, a gritty techno cut boasting slick high-hats and a mean bass synth. Upping the BPM for his title track ‘Final Wall’, SOKO delivers a driving force of acid stricken synths with a cut-through kick. Set for release on the 25th Feb, the EP serves as a taste of things to come from the promising young artist, as he confirms the release of a second Reload Records EP next month.

Release Date: February 25 th, 2019


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