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More Brazilian magic from Plano B with two tracks from Sonic Future featuring remixes from Akken and Rancido.

With tracks signed to a number of influential labels, live artist Sonic Future is becoming regarded as something of an underground hero in his native Brazil and beyond. Opening with the groovesome ‘Rwanda’ skippy synths modulates and marinate amongst a rich percussive tapestry reaching fever pitch on the drop.

On remix duties, Rancido keeps it deep and stripped back adding an extra level of off-kilter weird with a killer theremin lead line, while Akken drops the tempo with a smooth deep house ride adding vocal pressure midway to enrich the strong original motifs Rounding out the pack is another original track.

‘Palm Mute’, more visceral that Rwanda, the tribal backbeat is punctuated by groovy rock guitar licks and electronic stabs.

Release Date: June 19th, 2018


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