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The winning Guess Records combo Spiritchaser and Est8 join forces once again with regular cohort Emily Cook for a deliciously House outing titled ‘Because I Knew’. Adopting an afro tinged groove, ‘Spiritchaser’s Club mix’ is deep, electronic and emotive, where melodic hooks dance with Emily’s heavenly, voice that’s drizzled over a backdrop teased with lush strings and enchanting piano. More mixes come from Est8, who works his blissful magic with a piano-led downtempo stunner; Bamo (aka Mark Spiritchaser’s new guise) with a tasty hypnotic dub; and USA’s N’Dinga Gaba amps up the Afrohouse vibes with an irresistible floor shaker.

Spiritchaser duo Mark Bamford & Richard Earnshaw started producing electronic music together during in the late 90’s. Their talent has seen their productions and remixes grace some of the worlds most influential independent and major record labels such as Papa Records, Quantize, Z Records, Purple Music, Discopolis, ITH, as well as their spiritual home Guess Records and Duffnote, among others. Over the past 20 years, Spiritchaser has continued to unleash chart-topping releases and acclaimed performances the world over. Est8, co-owner of the Duffnote empire, is Dan Jones, who since 2010, has been adding his signature heartfelt and blissed out vibes to many a release from the label collective and beyond. In 2011, a Spiritchaser and Est8 collaboration ‘These Tears’ achieved great success in South Africa, spending over 38 Weeks in the ‘Media Guide Top Ten’ and achieving number one spot for over 8 weeks. Spiritchaser and Est8 have since continued to receive much success with joint singles and remixes including favorites such as ‘Yesterday’s Gone’, ’Two Sides’, ‘Liftin’ Me High’ with Emily Cook, ‘Find A Way’ and many more!

Release Date: May 28th, 2018


1. Because I Knew (Spiritchaser Club Mix)
2. Because I Knew (Spiritchaser Radio Edit)
3. Because I Knew (Est8 Mix)
4. Because I Knew (Bamo Ma Petit Dub)
5. Because I Knew (N’Dinga Gaba Remix)
6. Because I Knew (Spiritchaser Dub Mix)

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