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After the release of Chris Schwarzwälder’s EP ‘Leaves’ on April 6th, Viken Arman’s label Denature is getting ready for their upcoming release. This time they welcome the Belgian four Stavroz and their EP ‘Kasambila ‘to the label.

The release marks a beautiful friendship between Stavroz and the label owner, as they started music together almost 10 years ago. “I’m proud we’re still there, all together, raving on the same waves, making our family stronger. Such an amazing story and it still feels like the beginning of everything,” says Viken Arman. “In the end, there is a real story behind this EP. It’s not just an EP. It’s also an achievement. For all of us.”

Stavroz was formed in 2011 by IJsbrand & Gert, both Dj’s, musicians and sound engineers looking for a way to channel their musical antics. Soon thereafter, Maxim & Pieter joined on live shows and in the studio. Known for injecting an overall ethnic, acoustic and organic vibe to electronic music, these four friends have created another beautiful EP in the line of their previous releases such as Goldtown and The Ginning

Release Date: June 8th, 2018


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