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Steve Darko has been on fire lately and we are happy to introduce him and his fellow producer Hot Pot on our label. The Boston-natives have had releases on tastemaker labels such as Perfect Driver, Audiophile XXL, and Sleazy G, on this EP we can hear why. ‘Bop It’ is all about tension in the bassline. Something as simple as opening up a filter on the good old Bass-Station can do a lot for a track, especially if the delivery is as bombastic as Stevey D & Hot Pot’s is. The duo delivers another cracker of a track with the title track: ‘MySpace.‘ The beats are minimal, tight and are accompanied by quirky fx and a strong lead vocal. A well-rounded track, to say the least. We finish this EP off with ‘Pornstar‘, a solid techy banger that will slide perfectly into your sets. The cheeky vocal is sure to set a naughty tone at any party. A joy for any DJ to use, as is this entire EP!

Release Date: April 27th, 2018


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