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Borderline syndrome is a personality disorder that doctors classify as a very serious psychiatric
condition. People with borderline find it difficult to control their often intense emotions. They sufferfrom violent emotional outbursts and mood swings that significantly affect their everyday lives, the lives of their fellow human beings as well as all interpersonal relationships. The feelings andthoughts of borderline patients can change from one minute to the next on the slightest occasion. Typical of the borderline syndrome are emotional instability, impulsivity, inner tension and a distorted self-image. The reasons are often traumatic situations such as divorce, rape or other profound experiences.

In a relationship, this often leads to so-called “on-off” relationships. The borderline partners often
unconsciously reflect the longings of their partner. They can be incredibly affectionate and
fulfilling, but the next moment they split up or worse cheatting on their partner. If you do not reflect this, it can be a very depressing and frustrating

Release Date: March 4th, 2019.


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