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Stevie R is back on Motek Music and has collaborated with exciting talent CERPINTXT to deliver their new EP ‘ATOMS’. A three track release full of interest, intricacy and intrigue as this music takes the listener into the unknown, a world of space and mystery.

Title track ‘ATOMS’ features vocals from Shawni and is a deep moody production, full of atmosphere and subtlety. The second track on the EP ‘ORBIT’ builds from an open experimental beginning into a straighter piece of House music. A skippy beat under drone synths provides a late hour dancefloor feel to get lost in. This release is finished with a breakbeat interpretation by Motek’s co-owner DelFin in-keeping with the mood of the original but adding his own feel through swirling pad synth lines and spacious tones over the moving broken beat foundation. Keep an eye out as there is a full remix release pack on its way.

Release Date: May 28th, 2018


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