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The third instalment of Integrity Records remix series features Ostgut Ton most celebratory anthem hitmaker Tony Lionni, Swiss house don Dachshund and Heidelberg Germanys’ prodigious musical talent David Jackson. The trio doesn’t disappoint and rose to the occasion, delivering three dancefloor-ready cuts of the already well-received ‘More UFOs’ EP by The Model (Radu Muntean).

Tony Lionni cuts right to the chase and turns the UK rave inspired ‘Rave Wave’ into a relentless melodic pounder with its soaring arpeggios, running basslines and warm chord stabs locking in the listener right from the start to finish – A peak time affair and possibly one of Tony’s more dancefloor focused rework to date.

Swiss-born Producer and DJ Dachshund takes on the 90s homage Classic ‘House Machine’ and reworks it into a modern-day affair with his trademark dub efx, deep subby basslines and the addictive quirky groove signature sound we have come to hear from the beatmaker. Dachshund shows that he can effortlessly turn anything into his own style and delivers an impressive remix that would work great, both on the terrace and in the backrooms.

Hailing out of Heidelberg in Germany, the prodigious talent David Jackson rounds up the package with his take on ‘More UFOs’ and shows us exactly why he’s got thepotential to be a future star. At just 17, David’s level of production maturity is often mistaken by many as aseasoned pro. On this remix, he proves why he’s not all hype, with an attention to detail and anunmistakable sound, David reworks the original detroitish house number into a lethal basement weapon -concluding a release that offers three different ways to work a dance floor.

Release Date: December 12th, 2017.


1. The Model – Rave Wave (Tony Lionni Remix)
2. The Model – House Machine (Dachshund Remix)
3. The Model – More UFOs (David Jackson Remix)

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