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As Turbo celebrates its 20th anniversary, they feel conflicted over making a big deal out of it. On the one hand, 20 years of sustained excellence makes you an institution. On the other, it seems beneath an institution to throw itself a big birthday party at the local laser tag arena. This is the kind of dilemma they’ve been grappling with for two decades now.

Originally released in 2002, ‘Sunglasses at Night‘ is the song that launched label boss Tiga to singing-DJ superstardom. The electro update of Corey Hart’s switchblade owner’s anthem was nothing short of a phenomenon, thanks in large part to the production wizardry of Zyntherius, aka Jori Hulkkonen, a strong contender for lifetime Turbo MVP.

So as they look back while looking forward while remaining completely in the present moment, they’ve entrusted a huge part of their history to some of today’s hugest artists. But nothing could be huger than the gratitude they feel toward their longtime fans, those who have been with them since the beginning and who probably know that ‘Sunglasses at Night’ wasn’t even released on Turbo. This is for you.

Dense & Pika Remix

Super-producers Dense & Pika have made something of a cottage industry out of reworking Tiga hits (‘Louder than a Bomb’, ‘Planet E’), so they decided to revisit that cottage one more time, with spectacular results. This is big-room techno for a party big enough to include everyone on Earth. And you’re invited.

Dimitri Veimar Remix

Any avid nowcaster can tell you that electro is back. And there’s no better agent of this frequently timeless genre than Russia’s Dimitri Veimar. Perhaps the label’s leading light in 2018, Veimar strips ‘Sunglasses’ of all organic sentiment, mocking the inherent nostalgia of the exercise in a way that seems needlessly mean-spirited.

Techno Seleba Remix

What is Techno Seleba? Is it.a pseudonym for one of today’s hottest dance music stars? Is it a pseudonym for all of today’s hottest dance music stars, dancing arm in arm around one giant mixing board? The truth is in there somewhere, Sherlock.

Release Date: August 10th, 2018


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