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At Suol, we recognize the importance of our artists’ hard work over the years. For this reason, we have come up with the Reviewed series, a regular format that is dedicated to one single artist and includes original, collaborated, and remixed productions from the past that we genuinely think deserve to be reviewed. Till Von Sein is ready to showcase ‘Reviewed 02’. The carefully selected tracks display the span of Till’s career as a producer, dating all the way back to the beginning of his roots in 2007 to the present time.

We know Till needs no introduction as this DJ and producer has been in the music scene for more than a decade, and has his name recognized globally through music tours, remixes, and productions. His dedication, enthusiasm, and drive to produce new music have impressed anyone he’s worked with over the years; and it seems he won’t be stopping anytime soon.

After compiling and selecting some of his most unheeded works over the years in a complete package, ‘Reviewed 02’ will consist of 3 brand new, 3 remastered, plus 10 handpicked tracks to outline Till’s career to this point. This is where we would like to invite you to walk down memory lane as we revisit some of Till’s most successful tracks, including his and Tigerskin’s 3 tracks that have been remastered by the duo for this particular release which we are extremely excited for. This includes their remix of ‘Waitin’ for You‘ by Fetsum, for which Till was personally contacted by Alex from Jazzanova who was a big fan of Till’s work and asked to do a remix. As well as, the upbeat and dancey tune of ‘Good Times on the Reg’, and finally the hidden gem ‘Non-Existent Love’.

Consequently, the 3 brand new tracks cooked up by Till add extra flavor to the mix and showcase the development of his musical journey over the past 11 years. The first track is ‘Encore’ with its groovy melodic tune. The second track ‘Crydale’, which was inspired by old French 90’s House jams; and lastly, ‘Ocean Love’, the perfect track to dream the day away.

Release Date: April 6th, 2018


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