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Tim Engelhardt has been on a rapid ascension since putting out his first record at a mere 14 years of age. His atmospheric and melodic blend of melodic house and techno has captivated the ears and feet of club-goers in every continent in the world, as well as peers more than twice his age that make up a who’s who of dance music’s most admired artists. Dixon, frequent collaborators Steve Bug and HOSH, John Digweed and of course Jeremy Olander, who signed, Engelhardt to his Vivrant label in August of last year, are amongst the many and steadily growing stream supporters.

Constantijn Lange, a long-time friend and collaborator of Engelhardt, with releases on Traum Schallplatten, Platon Records, Der Turnbeutel, 200, Egoplanet and Really. H, is a your German producer’s favourite producer. The Berlin-based talent is a regular fixture behind the booth at coveted clubs such as Kater Blau, Chalet, Wilde Renate, Ipse, Watergate and is now embarking on his own path to establishing himself international outside of his native Germany.

Now, Engelhardt returns to Vivrant for a sophomore offering, this time alongside said friend Lange. The two-track EP, containing long-time fan favorite ‘Elephant’ and newly minted ‘Synced’, is an impressive body of work that showcases the depth, diversity and trademark characteristics of both producers. ‘Elephant’, a sophisticated peak-time rocket in its own right, starts out with crisp and thumping drum work juxtaposed against a retro-sounding lead melody and spooky FX elements. Laced with Afro-Cuban percussions, the record is equally as much a groovy affair as an exhilarating and cathartic opus that tastefully balances restrained euphoria with a carefully sprinkled melancholic atmosphere. By the 02:30 mark, expect your senses to be fully immersed and yearn for more.

The flip-side brings us ‘Synced’, a somewhat deeper, esoteric and more subterraneous offering. Continuing where ‘Elephants’ left off after the peak time slot, it takes things down a notch or two. With its intriguing layering, offbeat FX elements and soothing synth lead, it bridges the gap between the main room and the after hours. With a linear-style build arrangement to it, it creates a civilized and apt level of tension enough to keep things going until the wee hours.

Release Date: December 7th, 2018


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