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Timmo (aka Valeri Ivanov) doesn’t do things in half measures. Since the release of his excellent ‘System’ EP last year and ‘Muzik’, his inclusion on A-Sides Vol.6, he’s committed himself to craft, refining and polishing a quadruplet of cuts inspired by the cosmic realms beyond planet earth. Titled ‘Meteorite’, its release marks 10 years since he first begun producing and stakes its claim as a resounding career highlight with tracks already highlighting gigs for Adam Beyer at Tobacco Dock, Awakenings, Future Kappa Festival and Junction 2.

Beginning with the title track, the streamlined work throbs with a searing synthetic pulse. ‘Black Moon’ sees the EP land its first blow, kicking with a mixture of undulating synths and understated hoovers. ‘Spacetime’ stays true to its name delivering intergalactic techno vibes. ‘Cosmos’ concludes the work, taking us into extra-terrestrial dancefloor territory, with a barrage of trippy synth work and a melodic underbelly the makes the track both beautiful and heavy-hitting in equal measure.

Release Date: August 20th, 2018


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