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2018 marks ten years of major productions for Belgium based producer Tom Hades. He started out very strongly, making his mark on Drumcode with long term friend Marco Bailey and hasn’t yet let up. So far this year he has had blistering solo releases on labels such as SUBFIGURE and OFF Recordings as well as a slew of highly regarded remixes. His no nonsense techno sound has been championed by the likes of Resident Advisor as the producer goes from strength to strength.

Tom will release his seventh output of the year on super cool underground Glasgow imprint, Sleaze Records, run by Hans Bouffmyhre. The label has received some amazing support from veteran DJs Carl Cox and Ritchie Hawtin amongst many others, and they like to shake things up by releasing music from esteemed, big name producers alongside fresh and upcoming artists. Earlier this year, girl of the hour Charlotte de Whitte let loose a hot record on the label. Tom feels more than at home here!

Energy Raiz’ EP does exactly what it says on the tin, promotes serious energy. It’s a fizzy 3 tracker in keeping with the producer’s emphasis on dancing and groovy basslines. The title track kicks off with driving force; shuddering bass is saturated with clever synths as the track rolls forward for seven minutes, littered smartly with crisp hi-hats. Andre Crom steps up for remix duties.

LTT is sandwiched in the middle and takes a softer approach to its predecessor, steadily building from the offset with a tentative pause before the drop which is impeccably designed to bring it to prominence. The track has fluid texture with a cushioned kick drum that could be placed as a peak time banger or equally, a 10pm warm up track. Polar rounds things off hailing big room velocity. Gifted by a mixture of intelligent but furious static bass, the journey digs deeper than the other tracks on the EP and switches up on two occasions with elegant drops that seem to change the meaning of the track completely. The EP illustrates Hades status as a technical and capable producer as he delivers yet another leading record.

Release Date: July 30th, 2018


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