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Listening to the first few beats of ‘Drifter’, the name giving track of TouchTalk’s ‘Drifter’ EP, you’d think that the hot Brazilian duo might have thought of the cold weather surrounding the Jannowitz Records headquarters these days. ‘Drifter’ is dark as the winter season and its relentless, endless-seeming synthies provide no hope of better weather. Yet, ‘Drifter’ puts you in the mood where you, without having doubts or second thoughts, just nod your headand step from left to the right.

It is TouchTalk’s second release on Jannowitz Records, following their debut that was remixed by no other than the label’s main act BOHO.

But just as you think that ‘Drifter’ EP might be getting too cheerless, the second track, ‘Drink’, arises and provides you with the necessary summer feels, without leaving the winter mood completely behind. If you don’t know what we mean, yet, just give it a quick listen and wait for the vocal to start. It will catch you immediately and put a big grin on your face. That’s all the groove you’ll need for today, it’s lightheartedness being only held within borders by the
melancholic synthie-sounds coming and going throughout ‘Drink’. And, by the way, true Rock ‚n‘ Roll fans will recognize the vocal snippet. Rock music pioneer Chuck Berry sang them in 1983 in his song ‘Downbound Train’. Berry, who just passed away in March 2017, would be honored seeing that his memento is being cherished even in the electronic music scene by two of the biggest artists in South America on a label that cares for good music
and not for the fame.

As to the remixes: they could not be more different. First remixer, Katermukke and Heinz Music star Jan Oberlaender stayed very true to the Original Mix, holding on to the vocals as a core element. He made ‘Drink’ its own, giving it a slightly different touch, even more uplifting and soulful.

Second remixer, Ibiza legend Davina Moss did what you would expect her to do: She tore Drink apart, put some parts back on the skeleton and added her own design – creating a real Ibiza anthem. Yes, she even let go off the vocals, only leaving the humming parts in.

And still, you recognize it once was TouchTalk’s melancholic, yet hopeful track. Just that “3 now you’d rather listen to it, having a Pina Colada in your hand and sunglasses on, dancing on a sunny beach with your crew.

You see, ‘Drifter’ EP is almost for every mood!

Release Date: February 19th, 2018


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