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It’s been a long time… Justin Jay lands on Pets for the first time since his ‘Momentum’ EP in 2015 with a clutch of deep rumbling house jams. And he’s bringing along and old friend for the voyage.

Last spotted in cahoots on Freerange in 2016 with ‘Indecision’, LA’s Justin Jay and Stockholm’s Ulf Bonde splash down together once again with the fittingly-titled ‘Journey Across The Treacherous Sea’. With the drums gradually building from ebbs to tidal waves and back again, the waters flip from choppy to calm as the twinkling moonlight breakdown enters the mix… Before throwing us overboard again.

Ulf takes the control of the ship’s wheel for ‘The Transatlantic Untz’. Building on his releases on labels such as Justin’s Fantastic Voyage, Culprit and Room Temperature, the warm bass-tickled kicks and gentle sense of momentum provides safe passage with full heads-down heat.

Last but not least, Justin provides the final captain’s orders with the deliciously trippy ‘Land Ahoy’. Laced with ricochet textures and a gradual ascent into blissful sci-fi cascades, it’s a game of total hypnosis as more bleeps fly and swoop across the mix. Beautiful as always from all parties concerned. Bon voyage!

Release Date: April 27th, 2018


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