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Unstoppable Italian duo Undercatt return to Last Night On Earth with their long-awaited Matrix EP. It comprises three of their most beguiling tracks to date. It starts with the lead track ‘Matrix’. Following a rich vein of form on Diynamic, ‘Matrix’ plugs us into a higher state of awareness; crystalline production, measured arrangement and sprung with cathedralic glow, it’s a heady jolt of emotional data to digest.

The jolt to reality is softened by the beautiful hazy maze of ‘Nexus’. Trace echoes of late 90s smoulder in the insistent bassline while a lullaby chord sequence plucks gently overhead. When you’re this deep down the rabbit hole, light becomes dark and dark becomes light.

Finally ‘Scarlett’ brings us back into reality as we know it with more timeless progression. A rolling bassline coated with shimmering arpeggios, once again it’s proof that Undercatt don’t just know the path to late night techno perfection… They walk it, too.

Release Date: December 25th, 2018


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