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A circle is endless.

There is no beginning and no defined end. And whilst there has been a beginning for Jannowitz Records, there is no foreseeable end whatsoever. That is why the Circle compilation could not fit better to the current situation of the Cologne based label. For this particular compilation Jannowitz main freaks BOHO selected artists and some banger tracks to celebrate the staircase to heaven that we are climbing at this very moment.

But let us talk you through ‘Circle’ EP. Whatever kind of electronic underground music you like, you will find it here. There are chilled and laid back tracks like ‘Alternated’ by SokooL. The Katermukke artists stays true to himself and produced a track that requires closed eyes and focus on all the little bits and details ‘Alternated’ contains. But then there is also ‘Onyx’ by Floreano and René Cos, that is also chill with clicking sounds that will send you to the land of dreams and mysteries. James Mac & Vall (“Toi Et Moi”) worked together with singer Julienne and made a track that is driven by deep synth grooves and – of course – the very sexy vocals. Other artists like Heinrich Heine head rather towards Mars or Jupiter with transcending synthies. The Hamburg based duo created the contemporary track ‘Shapeshift’ that is much harder than some of the other Circle tracks but still manages to reach that unearthly level of production. Talking abut contemporary: Jannowitz Records favourite Oliver Deuering (“Five Days”) contributes a contemporary atmospheric but at the same time forward stomping track that seems to reinterpret everything you’ve heard over the past few years regarding techno and house music.

Another genre reinterpretation is offered by Daven Teers. His track ‘Palais’ is led by a progressive acid theme that is not only state of the art right now but also sound like nothing you have ever heard before. Less progressive but rather minimal is the amazing house tool ‘La Pachanga’ by Vazik who is an old face in the label’s catalogue. Together with BOHO and Paul Feris he released ‘Vice Versa’ last year that was an immediate hit back then. But back to Circle: US underground DJ Eric Louis from New York contributes even two tracks – ‘West Side Highway’ and ‘Doorway To The Days’ – that contain exciting build ups, distorted patterns and hi-hats that give both tracks a dark and evil touch. The harder side of Circle compilation is also shown by JOREK with ‘Get One Chance’ or Pure Ibiza Radio legend
Frankye Love together with Stephan Seddel ‘Redux’. The last brain squeezer is produced by KRBO, a recent Jannowitz discovery whose track ‘Mermaid Song’ was immediately selected by BOHO. Just like the rest of the whole Compilation – it just fits the label perfectly. Whether thats minimal, house, techno, acid – if it has that particular production value and makes you dance, it’s Jannowitz Records worthy.

Release Date: March 19th, 2018



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