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Every now and again a vocal tune comes along that strikes that perfect chord. Saved strictly for those moments where you need to cleanse the palate and nothing but a subdued rush of poignancy and spine melting emotion will do the trick. Tunes like this…

Edu Imbernon’s Fayer proudly present Vincent & The Barbers, a brand new Spanish band who hit hard with the feels. Opening with a deep dream guitar and vocal haze, it whips the dancefloor away from your feet with the same grandeur of a magician pulling a table cloth from under a banquet served in crystal bowls and not so much spilling a drop. Then boom… In come those breakbeats and lift you higher and higher. Instant uplift, watches set to hug o’clock, goosebumping all the way back home. This one is special.

The remixes are, too; Tom Demac brings his absolute A game with a chunkier UK feel to the broken groove and a humungous, warm analog bassline, Edu translates it into a sensual tale of dark, misty four-by-fourplay while rising Italian duo Fideles close the show with a thumping warehouse shaking 3am special. Moody, pensive and uncurling in its sense of drama.

One exceptional original, three creative versions, another reminder that few labels fuse indie songwriting and techno’s dark dynamics in the way Edu’s label does. So Fayer, so good.

Release Date: April 22nd, 2019


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